The Only Tropical Rainforest in the US National Forest System: El Yunque National Forest

el yunque puerto ricoWhen most people think of the United States, they don’t think tropical rainforest. However, the El Yunque National Forest is part of the U.S. national forest system. If you are looking for a memorable experience if you’re a local or while you are on vacation, this is definitely a great place to visit.

Hiking and Nature Viewing

Hiking and nature viewing are two things you will do a lot of while you visit. There is no night hiking at this time, but there are several different trail packages you can choose from, some of which require special permits for camping and other activities.

Water activities

While no fishing is allowed in the park, there are 2 different natural pools that visitors can use. The Cascada La Mina can be accessed via Big Trail or the La Mina trail and features a 35 foot water fall that cascades of large rocks. It is the more popular of the 2 swimming locations. La Coca Falls is above sea level and is the first feature seen by many park visitors. The falls over this pool drop an astonishing 85 feet.

Other activities

If you aren’t interested in hiking or swimming there are several other activities you can take part in such as camping, picnicking, going for a scenic drive or a learning excursion. There is so much to do and see that the rain forest could serve as a vacation all by itself.
According to there are certain times of the year when the park is closed due to tropical storms and other severe weather or natural disasters. In order to camp and participate in some other activities in the park, you must first acquire a permit or pass, this can be done through the El Yunque National Forest special uses and land program management office.

Traveling during the holidays

holiday travelIf you’re planning a trip during the holiday season so matter where you are traveling you could end up running into a lot of things that would cause you a great deal of stress.  It cannot be stress enough how important it is to have a good plan in place for your trip no matter where your destination is going to be.  Making sure that you do plenty of planning in advance is going to help lower the stress of traveling during any holiday.
One thing that you should probably try to consider is how you’re going to pack for your trip.  It would do you a lot of good to try and pack as lightly as possible so you can avoid the hassle of caring a lot of excess luggage with you.  This can also end up saving you a lot of money as you’ll not have to check in a great deal of blockage.  It would be a great idea to do a little research and check whenever airline you are traveling on to see what kind of bids you can check in and bring on board.
If you’re planning and traveling during the Christmas season and have gifts that you want to bring with you it would do you some good to mail the gifts at a time so that they will reach your destination around the time that you will.  This can end up saving you money as well as you’ll not have access luggage to check onto the airplane.  You also be helping to avoid any of your guests being lost during the travel process.
When you are trying to figure out the dates that you will be traveling you need to do this a smartly as possible.  If you’re not a seasoned traveler you may not be aware of the fact that several days before any holiday the airlines actually charge more money.  If it is at all possible wait until the actual day the holiday to travel as you’ll find that charges for airline tickets will be much cheaper.
Holiday travel can be extremely stressful however if you put enough preparation and planning into your trip you’ll not only save yourself a lot of stress of money as well.

Cherry Grove and Pines of Fire Island, New York


cherry grove and pines, fire island summeronfire.comCherry grove and pines are reckoned to be the ultimate gay friendly zones in the United States for a summer retreat. Most of the Chelsea communities of Manhattan live there. The places are the traditional enclave for LGBT. Its downtown comprises of various amenities, and many restaurants, bars, clubs as well as boutiques. The places are basically known for their artistic expression. The creative landscapes here are the most evident inscriptions of art. The murals, the mosaics of their houses are adorned more by the paintings made by the local painters. Around 300 houses are there at these places which are perfectly renowned for the meticulous designing sense they possess. Not only this, according Summer on Fire, Pines have been arranging a cultural party for the gay community every year. The parties are so full of entertainment that the weekend visitors are also dragged into those parties.

Travel from New York

The Fire Island is 60 miles away from Manhattan. From New York City a car drive generally takes around 1.5 to 2 hours. But if the roads are packed with cars, it might also take 4 hours. There are two bridges to Fire Island; you can take either of them. It is also advisable to take a bus from Manhattan or take ferries directly to Pines or the Cherry Groves. One can also opt for a train.
If you reach Fire Island and then want to get around it- there are two famous ways of doing it. One is to walk around the island. The other is to take help of a bicycle. As all the areas of the boardwalks is not meant for cycling, walking is a better option if one wants to visit all the places. There are also ferry services for one to roam from one shore to another.